megan v. (grrarghing) wrote,
megan v.


...Dear Jesus, God, Joss Wheadon, Chirs Carter, Anthony Bourdain, Former President Bartlet, and Dr. House,

You are all men I consider to be Gods. I know I also align myself with several Goddesses, but I know they're already on my side.

So I call upon you, men of men, King of Kings, please, hear my prayer. I'm more terrified that I've ever been. Even more so than that time I asked my gay-best-friend out (and he said yes), that time I ran into a Volvo the day before Thanksgiving, or the soul crushing day I left the CIA and knew I wouldn't be back.

I need your help to get Obama elected. I don't know what will happen if Palin wins. I fear the rest of the world will turn it's back on us.

Help. Please.

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